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Weight loss program
$50.00 for 30 day Phentermine prescription appetite suppressant  

(Initial Blood work and EKG required)

HCG Now Available

​$119.00 for 30 day cycle (initial Blood work and EKG required)

​$119.00 for any additional cycle

For patients safety and welfare ALL MUST PASS EKG for weight loss programs!

Starting at $99 including pap smear, breast  and pelvic exam

Vitamin B 12 injection special $10

 ​Save even more when you purchase 4 injections for only $30. Lipo B injection (fat burner) special $20 or 4 injections only $60

        Sports Physicals $25.00

​      With EKG $45.00

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TB skin testing and reading $25.00

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